Air Power Over Hampton Roads

Without a doubt the 2008 Airpower over Hampton Roads was one of my top ten airshows of all time. The show was headlined by the Royal Airforce Red Arrows and hosted by the one and only Rob Reider. Behind the scenes was one incredible “air boss” Wayne Boggs. The folks at Langley pulled out all the stops this year. The amazing line up included Kyle Franklin, Matt Younkin, Bill Leff, Matt Chapman, Sean Carroll, Ed Hamill, the DAV B-25 Panchito, and the GEICO Skytypers. Military displays by the F15 Strike Eagle, The F4 Phantom, The C17 Globemaster, the B2 Spirit Bomber, the FA18 Superhornet, and the awesome F22 Raptor. Add the RAF’s Red Arrows and you have one spectacular airshow.

The Show started Friday evening. Four F15s from the First Fighter Wing beat up the place showing us all why the F15 has been THE air superiority fighter for so many ears. One of the few remaining F4 Phantoms flew and formed up with the F15 and the F22 to give us a “Heritage to Horizons” flight. The Raptor, with Paul “Max” Moga showed his stuff as did the Strike Eagle team and the Rhino demo team. There was a break for a concert featuring Country artist Pat Green. After sunset, the night show started. Matt Younkin in his Twin Beach showed off his amazing light system. Bill Leff flew his T6 Texan equipped with some awesome pyrotechnics. The flying was followed by a spectacular fireworks display.

Saturday and Sunday were near perfect airshow days. Saturday afternoon was slightly hampered by smoke coming from the wild fires just south of Hampton Roads. The “Sons of Legends” stood out and thrilled everyone. Matt Younkin flew his Twin Beach in much the same manner as his father. You could definitely see that the genes have carried on with Matt. He flies his Twin Beach in the same manor as some fly much more agile aircraft. I think someone forgot to tell him that the Twin Beach is a cargo/transport aircraft. Kyle Franklin brought back memories of his father while flying the WACO Mysteryship. The last time I saw Kyle he was wing walking on Jimmy Franklin’s jet powered Mysteryship. He’s all grown up now and making his own name on the airshow circuit. The military demos were precise and incredible. Capping off the show was the British Red Arrows team. Before they started their display, they flew a formation with “Max” and his F22 Raptor. The spectacle made this one of the most amazing airshows ever. The Red Arrows display featured some of the most incredible formation flying I have ever seen. The Red Arrows display pushes their BAE Systems Hawk T1 aircraft to their limits. Their precision and daring shows why they have earned their reputation for commitment and professionalism.

By Mike SherbaAir Power
Over Hampton Roads












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