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The Perfect Landing Café at Sky Acres

A Great Fly-in Destination

We have flown in to Sky Acres airport, 44N, LaGrangeville, in eastern New York, many times with various flying buddies during the last four years and always enjoyed the great food, friendly service and overall ambiance—from a pilot’s perspective—of The Perfect Landing Café at Sky Acres. A 7 am departure from central Connecticut’s Robertson Airport in early July was destined to be memorable experience however. The cloudless sky and totally smooth air, rarities in southern New England in recent months, were harbingers of good things to come.
The 30-minute flight at 4,500 ft. rewarded us with the expected views of northwest Connecticut’s bucolic small towns and the Housatonic River and then, with the Hudson River in the distance, it was nearly time to start our descent to 44N’s 1,500 msl traffic pattern and to allow some thought about the breakfast soon to come.
We found The Perfect Landing Café’s owner Cindy Anderson in good spirits as the tables were starting to fill and the airplanes were beginning to arrive before 8 am on a beautiful Sunday morning. Cindy had another reason to be happy that morning—it was the restaurant’s fourth anniversary. The Perfect Landing Café served its first meal on July 1, 2005. As Cindy knows, it’s not easy opening a small business, but hard work, perseverance and providing customers what they want usually bring success; and that appears to be the plan that is working for Cindy.
This writer and the other pilots I have flown in with have been pleased with every meal we have had at The Perfect Landing Café. The extensive menu groups the different courses in pilot-speak such as Pre-Flights, Basic Maneuvers, Cold Fronts, Fuel Injections and Pilots In Training. The daily lunch specials are also popular. The wait staff is efficient and friendly and the “fuel” is served with no departure delays. Should there be any short “hold”, diners can critique the takeoffs and landings on nearby runways 17 – 35 (3,830 x 60 ft.) and check out the wide variety of GA aircraft that typically populate the ramp right outside the restaurant’s windows.
We should also note that prices at The Perfect Landing are very reasonable. Before or after eating you should check out the things you need in Her-Gin Aviation’s pilot shop, which you will enter on your way to the Café. Self-service 100LL is also available. Sky Acres is located near Poughkeepsie about midway between Albany and New York City and 10 miles east of the Hudson River. A 100-mile radius on the New York Sectional encompasses seven states, so it’s an easy flight from more than 50 public-use airports in the northeast.
The Perfect Landing Café was a breakfast destination on a Thursday morning in early April when 70 members of the Northeast Bonanza Group arrived in 30 airplanes from Connecticut, Massachusetts, New Jersey, Pennsylvania and Rhode Island as well as New York State. “The ramp was full of airplanes and it took two seatings to feed the large group, but they flew away happy”, said Cindy.
The Café opened an ice cream shop in a separate building next to the restaurant last summer and it has become a popular destination for townspeople and fly-in customers alike. The ice cream shop is open 12 to 8:30 pm Thursday through Sunday through early October. The Café is open 7:30 am to 3 pm Thursday through Sunday. The Café will be closed for vacation August 6 through 9 but the ice cream shop will be open on these dates. Be sure to bring The Perfect Landing Café’s Atlantic Flyer ad and receive a 10% discount on Thursday and Friday.